The sport association

The sport association

Friendly golf and team spirit.

A dynamic AS and a very beautiful course: all the pleasures of playing at Rebetz.

The Sports Association contributes to the animation of the club, by organizing competitions, events, extra-sporting activities and trips.

The Life of the Sport Association

Sports animation and competitions.

The AS organizes many competitions on weekends and weekdays. 3 major competitions mark the year at the Golf de Rebetz: the club championship (friendly competition between the players of each category), the Rebetz Tuesdays and the Week of Rebetz (in August).

The Golf School

- Free first course. - Education adapted to children from 4 to 18 years of age. - Training Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. - Golf school accredited by the FFG. - Pedagogy transmitted by our state-certified pro player.

The benefits of AS members

- Reduced playing fees for competitions. - The members 5/7 have a free green fee for the club championship, the Nabab's and the Moulin de la Forge Cup. - 50% discount on AS clothing. - Participation in golf trips organized by the AS. - Access to clinics set up by the pro player.

The Teams

This team is made up of the best young players from the golf school. It evolves in national promotion.  It also serves as a transition between the golf school and the adult teams.

Both men’s and mid-amateur teams are made up of the best amateur players of the Sports Association. Team 1 qualified for the 4th National Men’s Division and the 4th National Mid-Amateurs Division. This team aims to climb to the 3rd division in both categories.

Team 2 qualified for the national promotion team 2 and the Championship of France Mid-Amateurs team 2. This team aims to climb to the 2nd division and a place of honor in the Mid-Amateur.

Rebetz, a state of mind, bursting with enthusiasm, solid moral values and the pleasure of sharing, this is what illustrates the Seniors team, always proud to wear the colors of the club in all circumstances.  Team 1, currently in 3rd division, has been at the threshold of the 2nd division for 4 years.  Team 2, meanwhile, participates in the French Team Championship 2.

At the Golf de Rebetz, ladies are scarce.  Remember: something rare is something precious! The women’s team provides motivation, solidarity, friendship and epicureanism!  Add a solid dose of atmosphere and you end up with a wonderfully delectable result!

The AS Office

Dominique Vastel


Serge Beck-Djevaguiroff


Franz Cabrières


Romain Lephilibert

President of the Sport Commission



03 44 49 15 54


5 chemin de Rebetz,
60240 Chaumont-en-Vexin

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