Golf lessons

Golf lessons

Improve your swing under perfect conditions.

Coached by a pro player.

Professional player and qualified teacher, Benjamin Forges adapts his pedagogy and technique to each profile. Every player is different and must be able to progress.

Working on swing gestures.

Make your golf game smarter.

Learning to train to be a better player.

Our program


Discovery of the equipment of the first technical gestures of golf, etiquette and the course.

Individual course

Perfect your game with analytical and technical improvements that will help you to progress.

Group lessons

Adapt your session themes to meet your needs.

The Golf School

What if your kids' next sports field was an 18-hole golf course? • The first course is free. • The complete set of equipment may be loaned on an annual basis. • The courses are suitable for children from 4 to 18 years old. • Training takes place every Wednesday and Saturday. • Our golf school is approved by the French Golf Federation. • And our expertise is transmitted by our state-certified professional player.

The Main Rates

Individual course

Perfect for a technical refresher.

60 € 1h
Intensive package

All aspects of the game will be analyzed and corrected.

250 € 5 x 1h
Beginner Package

Get the Green Card level. It will attest to the level necessary to play on the course.

370 € 9h
Would you like to book? Contact Benjamin Forges at 06 29 84 01 33.