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1st Open International of Rebetz

January 1, 2013 1st Open International of Rebetz
From 1-3 May, the Golf de Rebetz hosts its 1st Open International, Alps Tour. 
The more you are the better, to encourage the players.

To mark the occasion of the First Open International of Rebetz

IA free introduction to the game of golf from10h -13h.

A BBQ BEEF LUNCH (an entire cow roasted on a spit!)

Friday 3 May at the Rebetz Golf Club in Chaumont en Vexin

OPEN TO ALL.  No reservation necessary.

16 €/person

We invite you to take advantage of the occasion, following the players as they make their way through the golf course.  You will be enchanted by this magic setting.

On 1, 2 and 3 May, the Golf de Rebetz will have the great honour of welcoming one of the Alps Tour events:  The 1st Open International of Rebetz in partnership with SPI and the Conseil Général de l’Oise. This European men's professional tournament will bring together 22 nationalities of up-and-coming stars in the golf world, during the course of almost 20 events. The prize money for  this Open amounts to 40.000€.

It is thanks to the excellent quality of its greens, its upkeep and its infrastructure that the Golf de Rebetz was able to be certified by the ffg and the Alps Tour to host this tournament of international dimension.

This Open wil be preceded on 30 April by a  Pro-Am which will give 40 amateur teams the opportunity to play with the the best golfers of the Alps Tour.

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