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Courses and Teaching

December 18, 2012 Courses and Teaching
We propose an introductory training course and practice sessions, taking into account the characteristics of each player: age, sports background, morphology, game level, objectives. DISCOVER
 A fun and convivial method, during the course of our "Baptism" days
A day of discovery and a round of golf initiation.

to play and play to learn
Using an original learning concept, aiming the student towards success, going from the hole to the tee. 
A pedagogical tool alternating technical sequences and real-life sequences on the golf course, right from the beginning.
The objectives are clearly defined: to become autonomous, to self-evaluate, to rank oneself.


- Acquire a personalised training methodology
- Manage the training sessions
- Plan a season. 
- Master the OPEN, an on-line  perfomance evaluation tool
- Prepare physically and mentally.
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